Truck Stop Tiger Initiative

Louisiana retracts their decision to quash a permit that allows a tiger to be caged at a truck stop. The Animal Legal Defense Fund organization goes back to the batting plate for the tiger while the permit holder says he will do whatever it takes to break their efforts.

Main Article: Truck Stop Tiger And The Law

Petitions For A Call To Action:

Support ALDF

Speak Up For Truck Stop Tiger

Free Tony The Tiger From Indentured Servitude

Tell US Wildlife Department To Protect Generic Tigers

Tell the U.S. government to take measures to protect generic tigers in existence like “Tony” and make it illegal to inbreed tigers. Keep your comment short and to the point. Something to this effect:

Humans are interfering with the existence of the endangered tiger species and so long as this inbreeding loophole remains open people will continue to exploit the animal usurping the intent of the Endangered Species Act.

It is unreasonable to expect wildlife rescue organizations to be responsible for all of the abusive fallout, while having to keep pace with deliberately aggressive and irresponsible breeding practices without the support of their government.

If this issue remains unaddressed the United States is facing dilemmas similarly found within the domesticated animal shelters, only on a much larger and far more dangerous scale.


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A Concerned Citizen

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3 responses to “Truck Stop Tiger Initiative

  1. Julie van Niekerk

    What crime did Tony commit to get this long sentence in prison. The owner of Tony pays someone lots of money to get the permit to keep Tony in prison. Another successful corruption!

  2. Regardless of whether the tigers are generic or not they should ALL be protected. Keeping animals such as these in small cages with inexperienced handlers should be stopped immediately.
    The government should take steps now to make in-breeding tigers illegal and punish those court severly

  3. Sandlin’s Permit to keep Tony needs to be revoked and Tony should be sent to a Tiger Sanctuary ASAP. Information on Tony’s new location should be kept from Sandlin to insure Tony’s protection.

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