Stop Keystone and Tar Sands Production

On October 7, 2011, President Obama was to render his decision about the Keystone Pipeline expansions, which he failed to provide. However, the reason behind the delay may prove more sobering than hopeful.

Main Article: Keystone Bias Is Harmful To Animals

Petitions For A Call To Action:

Stop Keystone Expansion

Stop Tar Sands

Tell Obama To Reject Keystone Expansion

Tell Obama To Reject Tar Sands Proposal

Block Keystone Construction

Stop Canada From Further Damaging Planet

Stop Advertising that Tar Sand Oil is Green

Shutdown Canada’s Tar Sands

Save Animals Say NO To Tar Sands

Protect Our Land By Stopping Tar Sands

Save Wildlife Stop Keystone Pipeline

Stop, Think, and Reject Tar Sands

Use Alternate Clean Energy Sources. Stop Tar Sands

Put an End to Dirty Fuel

Reject Tar Sands as an Effective Alternative to Green Energy

Save America’s Heartland and Reject Keystone Expansion

Tell White House Tar Sands are NOT Clean Energy

Tell Oprah to Stop Promoting Dirty Fuel Source

Stop Polluting With Dirty Fuel

Protect Animals by Stopping Pipeline Expansion

Stand Up For Clean Energy

Support Clean Air and Water

End Tax Cuts For Big Oil

Support Clean Cars

Support Clean Water Act

Do Not Allow Big Oil To Buy The World

Increase Existing Pipeline Safety

Support Fighting Oil Addiction

Stop Big Oil From Having Domination Over Our Futures and Getting to Paying Less in Taxes

Show You Are Serious About Fuel Reform – Take The 2% Pledge

Further Reading

Keystone Pipeline and Animal Viability

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