Reject Horse Slaughter as an Economic Solution Initiative

Horse meat slaughter is being viewed as a successful means to save the American economy. However, the numbers do not add up and once again, the general population is left holding the bag for sloppy political thinking.

Main Article: Horse Meat in America

Petitions For A Call To Action:

Tell The White House NO to Horse Slaughter

Prevent Horse Slaughter

Protect Horses

No Horse For Human Consumption

No Legalizing Horse Meat

Ban Horse Slaughterhouses

Stop USA Horse Slaughterhouses

Prevent Horse Slaughterhouses

Stop Wild Horse Roundups

Say NO to Horse Meat in Restaurants

Save Horses From Slaughterhouse

Stop Unethical Horse Roundups for Butchering

Horse Slaughter Does Not Save the Economy

Allow Wild Horses to Remain Free

Stop Inhumane Horse Transport for Slaughter

Tell Canada to End Horse Slaughtering

Tell Nebraska to Say NO to Opening Horse Slaughterhouse

Say No to Wild Horse Roundups

Tell Congress You Want Horse Slaughterhouses Banned in America

Tell the Senate You do Not Want to See Horse Meat on Your Table

Overturn Slaughterhouse Legalization

Tell USA President No Horse Meat on America’s Tables

Say NO to Human Consumption of Horse

Take Horse Off Food Shelves

Slaughtering is Not the Solution

Repeal Horse Slaughter Proposal

Tell Congress to Reenact Slaughtering Ban

Let the White House Know Your Disappointment Over Horse Slaughtering

American’s do Not Want Horse Meat to Eat

Say Nay to Human Consumption of Horse

Stop Wasting Animal Resources

Horse Consumption is Not Necessary to Sustain Human Life

Ban Horse Meat Consumption

Reject Horse in Grocers Markets

Tell Canada Horse is Not Food

Stop Slaughter and Exportation of Horses

Tell Congress You Mean Business About Horses

Horse Meat in USA Noway

Tell South Carolina to Stay Out of Horse Slaughtering Business

Tell State Representatives You Reject Horse Meat

Down With Horse Meat

Cease Cruelty to Horses

Support Senate Bill to Abolish Horse Meat

Boycott Sellers of Horse Meat

Keep Unaffordable Meat Out of Stores

Don’t Serve Mr. Ed

Stop Horse Hustlers

We Don’t Eat Horse Meat

Stop the USDA Doubletalk

End Horse Cruelty

End War on Animal Slaughter

Help Horses

Horses Have a Right to Live

2 responses to “Reject Horse Slaughter as an Economic Solution Initiative

  1. Dogs and horses are companion animals
    the racing industry NEEDS to care for their horses for life or NOT race them. Just as the dog racing industry shouldbe responsible for placing them in loving homes or foster them. actually I do NOT believe in racing animals… I do not believe in using animals for fur either and I know dogs after racing do get sent to china for fur and/or food. That is beyond disgusting

  2. Horses and dogs are companion animals not to be eaten!
    If people get a horse they need to keep it for life and not send it off to slaughter when it gets older. that is cruel and inhumane!
    Also, the racing industry does that with horses they no longer race. That is as disgusting as the dog racing industry sending their dogs to China for fur and/or meat or shooting them.!

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