Spirit of Heightened Animal Awareness

Animal symbolism is important to holiday customs. A greater growth in awareness towards animal preservation helps to maintain the harmony of the holidays for all of us.

Main Article: Animals and Holiday Symbolism

A Call To Enlightened Action:

Sometimes our lives become so overrun with challenges that we find ourselves looking at life through tunnel vision without actually realizing it. This holiday season pledge to actively think about three ways to positively contribute to the successful sustainability of all living entities. Together we have the ability to bring the planet that we share back into a more harmonious state of being.

Make your goal to achieve one of your three contributions every four months. If each one of us were to take this pledge, we would globally achieve permanent positive change in our lifetimes and successfully instill this mentality into future generations. This would forever alter our path to one of hope over fear and bring us towards an evolved plain of existence rather than one of futility.

Life is not fleeting. It lives on in all of us. May you find peace, purpose, and harmony in whatever holiday celebration you choose.

One response to “Spirit of Heightened Animal Awareness

  1. Preserving animals equates preserving our lives on this planet. God created animals, insects, plants, humans for a purpose and not arbitrary. Therefore, we have a divine duty to preserve and protect all creatures from all species

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