How to Help Stop Animal Hoarding

Hoarding is not beneficial to the welfare of animals and is vastly different from providing responsible care.

Main Article: How to Prevent Animal Hoarding

How to Help Hoarded Animals:
It can be difficult to get involved when we witness an act of animal hoarding. However, to allow the animals to live in that type of an environment is negligent and to remain passive reinforces the hoarder’s behavior.

When it’s important to contact the authorities with your observations:

  • When there is an animal infestation. This is when animals literally overrun a dwelling and in some instances are even found in the walls.
  • When you observe malnourished, dehydrated, ill, and dead animals. The most succinct comparison would be that of concentration camps.
  • When there is fecal matter throughout a property. This is a health hazard to the animals, humans, and neighborhood. Responsible caregivers have specific areas for animals to use the bathroom. They take the time to train the animals on proper bathroom behavior and clean those areas regularly.

Here are some options if you know a person who struggles with getting their dwelling successfully organized:

  • Contact your local Humane Society for suggestions.
  • Instruct owner to take a class on organization.
  • Find an online or local animal support group.
  • *Contact an animal caregiver consultant.

*In addition to being the editor of Animal Life I also assist animal caregivers with organization to evolve a more harmonious living environment. If you have questions or are interested in services provided contact Deb Duxbury for details.

How to Help a Hoarder:

  • Advise person to seek counseling and/or a support group.
  • An excellent resource for local and online support groups is found at Hoarding Cleanup.
  • Give positive encouragement to a hoarder who has elected to cease the behavior. It is important that animal hoarders know that they are showing a greater respect for the animal kingdom by not hoarding.

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