Stop Keystone Pipeline from Decimating Heartland Animals

The United States Congress figuratively flips Obama the finger by usurping his Keystone Pipeline decision and threatens American farms, crops, animals, and the welfare of constituents in the process.

Main Article: Keystone Pipeline and Animal Welfare

Petitions For An Urgent Call To Action:
Buckle up. Round 2 “Face Off with Political Corruption” starts now. Get others involved in signing petitions, calling Representatives, and emailing Congress. We need to see high numbers on these petitions. Let Congress know that the world is watching and doesn’t support a bought political system.

Support Obama’s NO to Keystone Expansion

Tell US Senate to Stop Congressional Keystone Blunder

Stop Keystone/Tar Sand Scheme

Stop Keystone Construction

Tell Senate to Stop Keystone Pipeline

No Keystone Pipeline Expansion

Stop Oil Pipeline

Shutdown Tar Sands

Say No to TransCanada

Declare moratorium on Tar Sands

Stop Killing Wildlife to Make Room for Tar Sands

Tell Congress to Let Keystone Scheme Die

Tell Senators to Stop Keystone Scheme

Send a Voice Message Rejecting Keystone

Get Real – Say No to Tar Sands Oil

Tell Hillary to Help Stop Keystone

Shutdown Tar Sands and Pipeline Expansions

Support Obama’s NO Keystone Permit Decision

4 responses to “Stop Keystone Pipeline from Decimating Heartland Animals

  1. Thank you for all your hard work, Keep going never stopping

  2. Round the World Animals

    I don’t support it!!

  3. Greed is only for a short time, what is important is to look good in God’s eyes!

  4. please don’t support the Keystone pipeline!

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