Pet Food Safety Initiative

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Contaminated Pet Food Outbreak

Urgent information. There is a widespread salmonella outbreak on numerous dog and cat pet food products.

Take Action
As a person who is part of the animal welfare community it is more than distressing to save the life of an animal only to watch it get sick from food consumption. The sensation towards careless pet food manufacturers is nothing short of outright anger, particularly when a shelter elects to carefully monitor the quality of pet food provided. Exploitative marketing techniques that fain promises of animal health as the number one concern should be held accountable for false advertising and malicious intent when it becomes evident that the only priority is profit.

Tell the FDA to Increase Pet Food Regulations NOT Decrease Them

Stop Using Euthanized Animals in Pet Food

Demand Stricter Regulations on Pet Foods

Universal Safety Regulations for Pet Food

Demand Diamond Pet Foods Release all Materials Relating to Their Recall

Remove the Poisons From Pet Foods

Tell FDA to Pull all Tainted Pet Food

Stop Using Diseased Animals as Pet Food

A Side Note:

Although Diamond Pet Foods has not added the state of Arizona to its list, this editor can attest from first hand experience that their tainted product has found its way to that state.

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