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Stop Animal Abuse Initiative

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Do Animals Have Emotions?
This is a frequently asked question. Explore the reasoning that supports genuine emotions in animals. The answer is more personal than one might imagine.

Take Action Stop Animal Abuse
There are a large number of active petitions. Please sign them.

Stop Animal Abuse in China

Stop Wildlife Abuse in Thailand

Stop Dog Abuse in India

Stop Caging Wildlife

Stop Animal Abuse in Canada

Tell China to Enact Animal Welfare Laws

Stop the Use of Animals at Olympic Opening

Stop Helicopter Use to Stampede Horses

Enforce Animal Abuse Laws

Stop Animal Abuse in Cyprus

Stop Animal Abuse in Saudi Arabia

Demand More Than Fines for Animal Abuse

Ask Canada for an Animal Abuse Registry

Stop Unnecessary Animal Testing

Tell Russia to Enact Animal Welfare Laws

Demand Effective Animal Welfare Laws in the Netherlands

Let USA Know You Want Stricter Animal Law Enforcement

Justice for Abused Animals

Good Grief! STOP CHINA!

We Want to Know Who is Abusing Animals

Take ASPCA No Cruelty Pledge


Stop Irresponsible Industrial Deforestation Initiative

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Magic Beans to Perk You Up and Save Animals
Responsible coffee company protects people, stabilizes rainforest, and saves wildlife.

A Sound and Responsible Business Model

Take Action
Save South American Rainforest

Protect South American Rainforest

Protect Ecuador Rainforest

Stop Oil Drilling in Rainforest

Demand Fair Trade Coffee From Starbucks to Save Rainforest

Mandate Schools Teach Children Proper Environmental Sustainability

Personal Note From Editor
In researching responsible Green business models that are economically sensible while remaining environmentally friendly and support wildlife habitat preservation, I thought, “I’m never going to find such a beast.” To my utter surprise and elation, I discovered Dean’s Beans. Bar none, I have never been so impressed with the business model of a company. Another happy shocker was its affordability!

When I found out about Dean’s Beans, I started researching other organic coffee manufacturers and was depressed by the prices discovered. They made expensive coffeehouses look cheap.

At the conclusion of my organic coffee research, I ordered the sample kit from Dean’s Beans to find out if there were differences in the quality of taste and smell. I was unprepared for the vast differences between Dean’s Beans and store bought coffee. The aromatic brew permeated the house, providing an external energy boost of its own and the various flavors started my day with feelings of being on vacation. My energy level went up, but I did not feel hyperactive and my skin felt moist and hydrated. It is odd enough that coffee would make skin feel hydrated, but it is more amazing that it had that effect in a desert climate.

After research and product testing, Dean’s Beans is the only coffee I purchase for home and office use. I encourage all to try this amazing product and see the differences for yourself. Be sure to let me know your thoughts.

Visit: Dean’s Beans.

Ban Bovine Growth Hormone in Animals Initiative

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Bovine Effects Animal and Human Health
The genetically altered bovine hormone is injected into cows, which results in diseased cattle and human health concerns. Understand how this was allowed to happen.

This is Exactly What a Coverup Looks Like

Your Voice Matters! Take Action

We Do NOT Want Bovine Hormone Injected Into Animals

Support Organic Food Production

Down With Monsanto!

Worldwide Ban on Genetically Modified Food Sources

Support Farmers Fight Against Monsanto

FDA Ban Posilac

Stop Antibiotic Use in Agriculture Animals

Get Bovine Growth Hormone Out of Milk

Millions Against Monsanto – A Multitude of Petitions

Stop GMO Foods From Killing Bees Initiative

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Monsanto Linked to Bee Plight
Research has shown that bee Colony Collapse Disorder is associated with Monsanto’s neonicotinoid insecticides, as well as, exposure to the firm’s genetically modified corn crops.

Monsanto Loses Agricultural Monopoly Stronghold
Global communities fight back to remove the agricultural monopoly Monsanto attempts to hold over farmers and plant diversity.

GMO Labeling is Simply Common Sense

Take Action

Label GMO Products

Tell Netherlands to Reject GMO Foods

Tell Canada No to GMO

Tell Kroger Groceries You Want Truth in GMO Labeling

Tell FDA to Legally Require Monsanto to Label GMO’s

Ban GMO’s in Louisiana

Tell Monsanto to Stop Poisoning the World

Stop United States From GMO Poisoning

Support the Right to Know What’s in Food

No More GMO in Walmart

Stand Against Monsanto

Tell UK to Keep GMO’s Off The Shelves

Shutdown Monsanto

Sue Monsanto

Down With Monsanto

Stop Purchasing Monsanto Stock

Thank Organic Farmers for Standing Against Monsanto

FDA Label Foods Already

EPA Protect Bees From GMO’s

Stop Monsanto From Systematically Killing Honeybees

Protect Agriculture and Save the Bees

USDA Needs to Protect Bees From Monsanto’s GMO’s

Demand Global Regulation on GMO’s to Protect Bees

EPA Stop Monsanto From Killing Bees

Ban Pesticides Killing Bees

Canada Protect Bees

Thank Poland for Protecting Bees

USDA Bees are Vital to Healthy Agriculture

Tell United States Bees are Necessary for Healthy Living

Pledge to Live a Bee Friendly Lifestyle

Pet Food Safety Initiative

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Contaminated Pet Food Outbreak

Urgent information. There is a widespread salmonella outbreak on numerous dog and cat pet food products.

Take Action
As a person who is part of the animal welfare community it is more than distressing to save the life of an animal only to watch it get sick from food consumption. The sensation towards careless pet food manufacturers is nothing short of outright anger, particularly when a shelter elects to carefully monitor the quality of pet food provided. Exploitative marketing techniques that fain promises of animal health as the number one concern should be held accountable for false advertising and malicious intent when it becomes evident that the only priority is profit.

Tell the FDA to Increase Pet Food Regulations NOT Decrease Them

Stop Using Euthanized Animals in Pet Food

Demand Stricter Regulations on Pet Foods

Universal Safety Regulations for Pet Food

Demand Diamond Pet Foods Release all Materials Relating to Their Recall

Remove the Poisons From Pet Foods

Tell FDA to Pull all Tainted Pet Food

Stop Using Diseased Animals as Pet Food

A Side Note:

Although Diamond Pet Foods has not added the state of Arizona to its list, this editor can attest from first hand experience that their tainted product has found its way to that state.

Protect Endangered Water Habitats from Oil Exploits Initiative

Australia puts oil profits above the EPBC Act by auctioning off protected water habitats for drilling.

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Australia Sells Blue Whale Habitat for Oil Profits

Listen and Think With the Mind of Clarity and Reason

In 3 short years since this cautionary tale, we have abandoned the necessity to protect world water resources by aggressively pumping oil into water to search for more oil to pump out of it. Globally, we need to abandon fossil fuel use. Humanity understood that reality when we started pumping out fossil fuel. We told ourselves it was a stop gap measure and bought the lie. No longer is fossil fuel “cheap energy.” It is costly to our pocketbooks, ecological vitality, and planetary stability.

Many humans walk this Earth as if they are separate from it and that its functionality in no way effects their ability to live. This level of ignorance is dangerous and impedes on the rest of humanities continued survival. The waters, lands, plants, and animals are not owned by us. We are merely passers by.

What we do while we are here not only matters to the survival of the planet but to the human species, which is directly connected to this singular living, breathing planet in the Milky Way system, which we call Earth. We do not have to be the planet’s black plague. We have been given the choice. What a wonderful opportunity. What a wonderful gift. Re-prioritize what it means to live and act accordingly.

Petitions For An Urgent Call To Action:
The number of petitions to stop Australia from destroying the last safe haven for whales from oil drilling companies are dangerously low. Without a strong, constant voice, rest assured Australia will continue to pillage resources for profit. Where are the voices of all the protect whales programs? Why are they quiet?

Protect Blue Whales

Stop Drilling in the Kimberly

Stop Drilling in Rowley Shoals

Stop Oil Drilling in New Zealand

Protect Whales From Oil Drilling

Preserve Water From Fossil Fuel Exploits Initiative

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The Mysterious World Of Plankton

Renewable Energy For The Masses? Yes We Can By Using Our Existing Technology!

Petitions For An Urgent Call To Action:

Stop Risking Wildlife for Drilling Oil

Preserve Belize Wildlife Stop Drilling

Preserve Alaska Stop Shell From Drilling

Hold Oil Companies Responsible For Oil Spills

Demand Enforceable Safety Measures for Existing Deep Sea Drilling

Shutdown Alberta Tar Sands

Stop Alaska Oil Drilling

Do NOT allow Shell To Drill In Alaska

Protect Oceans Stop Drilling

Stop Drilling In Florida

Stop Enbridge Pipeline From Destroying Marine Life

Tell Canada To Stop Attacking Aquatic and Land Based Animal Life With Toxic Pipelines

Tell Russia To Be Accountable For Their Oil Spills

Stop Shell From Destroying The Last Great Wilderness Of Alaska

No More Tax Breaks For Fossil Fuel Industry

Stop Drilling In Utah

Stop Dirty Oil Campaigning – There Are Other Clean Energy Options!

Reject Shell Oil Drilling To Support Clean Water And Healthy Wildlife

Tell Canada To Put The Environment First

Support Solar Energy Jobs

Additional Action
ALEC Debunks American Voting System
ALEC is a semi-secretive Corporate-Political special interest group attempting to remove voting rights of citizens in an effort to secure more profit for industrial moguls. Your ability to vote affects how animals and the environment are to be protected. Stop ALEC now!

Stabilize Water Resources for Animal Life Initiative

Water is the only compound on Earth for sustaining life to exist in liquid, solid, and gaseous forms. Each of these naturally occurring conditions are vital to sustaining animal life.

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Clean Water for Healthy Animals

Water Behavior

Petitions for an Urgent Call to Action

Tell Oil Companies to Observe Clean Water Act

Clean Water for All

Save Roanoke River From Uranium Mining

Enforce Clean Water Act in Florida

Stop Polluting Water in America

Stop Polluting Water in Canada

Tell Obama You Want Clean Drinking Water

Stop Polluting Water in Peru

Protect the Clean Water Act

Tell Congress Clean Water is Not Optional

Clean Water is a Necessity Not a Privilege

Stop Polluting Water in Zimbabwe

Keep Canada’s Water Clean

Restore Clean Water Protections

Stop Polluting Lake Michigan

Support Green Energy Solutions to Save Water

Stop Fracking Water is More Important

Protect International Freshwater Bodies From Toxic Dumping

Water is Essential for Life

Enact Effective Animal Welfare Laws Initiative

Although bestiality is found throughout the world there are European countries that justify this behavior as a lifestyle choice for the sake of profit. This mindset degrades the potential of the human higher self and unnecessarily puts the children of the world at risk.

Main Article: Bestiality Brothels

Petitions For An Urgent Call To Action:
May your voices heard. Tell nations of the world that this is not an acceptable form of behavior.

Make Bestiality a Felony Crime in Ohio

Make Bestiality Illegal in Connecticut

Mandate Bestiality as a Criminal Offense

Tell Denmark to Stop Promoting Bestiality Brothels

Stop Grooming Serial Offenders and Outlaw Bestiality

Tell Texas to Make Bestiality Illegal

Enact an Animal Abuse Registry

Include Animal Abuse in Reports of Domestic Violence

Tell Denmark Rape is Rape

Stop Bestiality Tolerance in the Military

Ban All Forms of Bestiality in America

Tell Europe to Say NO to Bestiality

Stop Animal Sexual Abuse

Dog Food Recall for Advanced Animal Nutrition

Advanced Animal Nutrition has updated information on a voluntary recall to include expanded lot numbers for several brands of dog food.

Read Further: Dog Food Recall for Advanced Animal Nutrition

Be sure to pass this information along to friends, family, and donation centers so they are aware of the recall. A liver is a necessary organ to live.