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Stop Animal Abuse Initiative

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Take Action

Change.org Stop Animal Abuse
There are a large number of active petitions. Please sign them.

Stop Animal Abuse in China

Stop Wildlife Abuse in Thailand

Stop Dog Abuse in India

Stop Caging Wildlife

Stop Animal Abuse in Canada

Tell China to Enact Animal Welfare Laws

Stop the Use of Animals at Olympic Opening

Stop Helicopter Use to Stampede Horses

Enforce Animal Abuse Laws

Stop Animal Abuse in Cyprus

Stop Animal Abuse in Saudi Arabia

Demand More Than Fines for Animal Abuse

Ask Canada for an Animal Abuse Registry

Stop Unnecessary Animal Testing

Tell Russia to Enact Animal Welfare Laws

Demand Effective Animal Welfare Laws in the Netherlands

Let USA Know You Want Stricter Animal Law Enforcement

Justice for Abused Animals

Good Grief! STOP CHINA!

We Want to Know Who is Abusing Animals

Take ASPCA No Cruelty Pledge


Enact Effective Animal Welfare Laws Initiative

Although bestiality is found throughout the world there are European countries that justify this behavior as a lifestyle choice for the sake of profit. This mindset degrades the potential of the human higher self and unnecessarily puts the children of the world at risk.

Main Article: Bestiality Brothels

Petitions For An Urgent Call To Action:
May your voices heard. Tell nations of the world that this is not an acceptable form of behavior.

Make Bestiality a Felony Crime in Ohio

Make Bestiality Illegal in Connecticut

Mandate Bestiality as a Criminal Offense

Tell Denmark to Stop Promoting Bestiality Brothels

Stop Grooming Serial Offenders and Outlaw Bestiality

Tell Texas to Make Bestiality Illegal

Enact an Animal Abuse Registry

Include Animal Abuse in Reports of Domestic Violence

Tell Denmark Rape is Rape

Stop Bestiality Tolerance in the Military

Ban All Forms of Bestiality in America

Tell Europe to Say NO to Bestiality

Stop Animal Sexual Abuse