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Preserve Marine Life Initiative

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Can You Live Without the Support of Aquatic Life?
Without a stable marine ecosystem, water is a resource people would have to forgo.

We Can Control What We Can Control – So Why Are We NOT? Profit is Simply a Non-Answer.

Take Action

Stop Killing Dolphins With Sonar

Protect Whales From Sonar

Stop Unnecessary Sonar Use

Stop Seismic Testing

Declare Arctic a Global Sanctuary

Stop Fracking

Stop Off Shore Oil Drilling

Stop Oil Drilling in South Pacific

Stop Fish Farms in Federally Protected Waters

Protect Sea Lion From Fish Farms

Stop Dumping Chemicals in the Great Barrier Reef

Save the Worlds Coral Reefs

Stop Overfishing policies in Canada

Stop Japan’s Illegal Whale Hunts

Clean Water is a Right Not a Privilege


Stop Whaling In Iceland Initiative

A critical area to keep a watch on for whale decimation due to human hunting is Iceland and with closed-minded people with short-term thinking in official government capacities concern is merited.

Article associated with initiative: Whaling in Iceland

Petitions For A Call To Action:

Stop Killing Whales For Short-term Commercial Gains
This Petition Closes August 31, 2011

Global Ban on Whaling

Stop Wholesaling Whale Meat

Enforce Whaling Moratorium

Cease Whaling Commercialism

Implement Trade Embargo For Whaling Violations

Impose Sanctions On Iceland For Whaling Practices

Stop Commercial Whaling in Iceland

Support Whale Watching

Whales Are Worth More Alive To The Human Economy

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No Point to Shark Fin Soup

Shark fin soup is an unnecessary food source when all the components found in a shark’s fin are also found within herbal and vitamin supplements that are readily available, far less costly on our purse strings, and more responsible to our ecosystem.

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