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Stop Harming Whales and Start Listening Initiative

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Shutdown Death Tanks
Whales have protested their captivity since 1968. Apparently, people have yet to receive the message with any degree of clarity.

Take Action

Stop Whale Shows

Return Whales to the Ocean

Capitivity is Not Living Freely – Release Whales

Free Captive Whales at SeaWorld

Stop Imprisoning Endangered Water Animals

Captivity is Not Humane It is Cruel

NOAA Stop Allowing Endangered Whales as Aquarium Attractions


Enforce Environmental and Animal Welfare Laws Initiative

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NRDC Says Stop Breaking the Law!
Corporations, lawmakers, and enforcement agencies should be accountable for breaking environmental and animal welfare laws.

Rise Above Destruction

Take Action

Save Beluga Whales From Industrial Attack

Stop Acidifying Our Water

Stop Drilling

Get Shell Out of the Arctic

Protect Endangered Species

Protect the Lacey Act From Corrupt Politics

Apache Alaska Stop Threatening Endangered Whales

Preserve Alaska

Stop Attacking Lawfully Protected Wildlife and Habitats

Preserve the Arctic Circle Initiative

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Is an Oil Spill in the Arctic a Big Deal?
If Shell Oil says they have a plan; why should people question it?

Listen, Learn, Think, and Act

Take Action

Protect Wildlife from Drilling

Declare Arctic as Protected Habitat

Stop Shell Oil!

Arctic Drilling Benefits do NOT Outweigh the Risks

Declare Arctic a Sanctuary

Tell United States to STOP Shell

Drilling in Arctic is Reckless

Protect Polar Bear habitat

Tell Canada to Leave Arctic Alone

Arctic Drilling is Dangerous

Resind Shell’s Drilling Permits

Stop Using Shell

Protect Planet From Corporate Greed

Shell Cannot Be Trusted With Arctic Welfare!

Plant a Flag Declaring the Arctic as a Sanctuary

Stop Planetary Deforestation Initiative

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Google Earth Helps People Save Rainforest Animals
A tool that enables people to answer the eternal question, “How can I help rejuvenate the planet and protect its animals?” The answer is found by utilizing interactive knowledge; from which ideas are born.

Listen, Learn, Grow, and Act

Willie Smits has found a way to regrow clearcut rainforest in Indonesia, saving local orangutans while creating a blueprint for restoring fragile ecosystems and economic hardships.

Productive Thought
Imagine how many jobs would be created if we setout to correct the damage our species has inflicted upon the planet. Talk about long-term stable employment with a positive outcome!

Take Action to Save Rainforests

Tell Parliament to Support Actions That Stop Deforestation

Tell Companies to Leave The Rainforest Alone

Defend Endangered Species

Stop Killing Kenya Forests

Stop Illegal Deforestation in Cambodia

Tell the Girl Scouts to Stop Using Palm Oil in Cookies

Tell Obama to Help Stop Deforestation

Tell Norway to Stop Supporting Rainforest Destruction

Stop Clear Cutting Rainforest

Stop Logging in the Amazon Rainforest

Tell South America to Stop Deforestation

Tell Ecuador to Stop Killing the Rainforest

Tell Ecuador to Stop Drilling for Oil in the Rainforest

Save the Amazon Rainforest

Tell KFC to Stop Using Indonesian Rainforest Fiber for Throw Away Packaging

Protect the Panda’s Forest

Increase Environmental Education

Tell Australia to Label Palm Oil Products

Tell Indonesia to Save Tripa Peat Swamp

Help Ngobe Protect Rainforest

Stop Fires in Orangutan Forests

Help Orangutans

Stop European Energy From Destroying Columbia Rainforest

Tell Peru to Protect Rainforest

Stop Biomass Power From Destroying Forests

Leave Madagascar’s Rainforest Alone

Stop Using Palm Oil

Spirit of Heightened Animal Awareness

Animal symbolism is important to holiday customs. A greater growth in awareness towards animal preservation helps to maintain the harmony of the holidays for all of us.

Main Article: Animals and Holiday Symbolism

A Call To Enlightened Action:

Sometimes our lives become so overrun with challenges that we find ourselves looking at life through tunnel vision without actually realizing it. This holiday season pledge to actively think about three ways to positively contribute to the successful sustainability of all living entities. Together we have the ability to bring the planet that we share back into a more harmonious state of being.

Make your goal to achieve one of your three contributions every four months. If each one of us were to take this pledge, we would globally achieve permanent positive change in our lifetimes and successfully instill this mentality into future generations. This would forever alter our path to one of hope over fear and bring us towards an evolved plain of existence rather than one of futility.

Life is not fleeting. It lives on in all of us. May you find peace, purpose, and harmony in whatever holiday celebration you choose.

Santa’s Little Helper Initiative

Santa loves all creatures. When Animal Life lends a voice to wildlife, their needs are apparent, the necessity of giving becomes evident, and the spirit of humanitarianism is discovered.

Main Article: Animal Letter to Santa

Petitions For A Call To Action:

Lend Your Voice to the Rhino Community:

Stop Rhino Poachers

Stop Senseless Slaughter of Rhinos

Save Future Generations of Rhino

Stop Hunting Rhino

Preserve Wildlife

Help Save the Rhino

Stop Killing Rhinos

Procecute Poachers

Stop Hunting Rhinos

Speakout Against Poaching

Stop Marketing Rhino Horn

Put Poachers in Their Place – Behind Bars

Save the African Rhino

Tell South Africa to Care for Their Rhino Population

Cease Rhino Horn Poaching

Lend Your Voice to the Dolphins, Manta Rays, and Tuna:

Stop Killing Dolphins

Stop Dolphin Exportation

Help Protect Dolphins

Stop Slaughtering Dolphins

Stop Over Fishing Manta Rays

Help Tuna

Stop Using Whale Meat as Tuna Bait

Boycott Mitsubishi For Irresponsible Tuna Trapping Practices

Boycott Tuna Companies

Ban Tuna Harvesting Until Corrective Measures are in Place

Stop Tuna Trawling

Take Action To Boycott Tuna Harvesting

Lend Marine Life Your Helping Hand:

Keep Plastic Out of the Water

Save Marine Life

Stop Oil Drilling in the Water

Stop Using Wildlife for Sideshow Venues

Tell The U.S. Navy to Stop Using Oceans as Toxic Landfills

Tell India to Protect Marine Life

Stop The Trawling Fishing Method

Stop Serving Shark Fin Soup

Let Reptiles Know They Matter:

Ban Exotic Reptiles in the United States

Help Protect Conservation Areas

Ban Reptile Skin Products in Europe

Donation Sites To Help Fund Calls To Action:
This season please consider donating to support animal organizations that continue to give the animal kingdom a voice. Many of these organizations are run by volunteers or underpaid staff that chooses humanity over a paycheck. Without compassionate people working these issues, continued animal vitality would be tipped in a devastating direction. Show your loved ones what really matters and make a gift donation in their names. Your family, friends, and the environment in which you live will appreciate it. Your gift will continue to be meaningful long after other gifts are tucked away.

Defenders of Wildlife Gift Donations

World Society for the Protection of Animals

Animal Legal Defense Fund Gift Membership

NRDC Green Gifts

Environmental Defense Fund

Truth In Orca Education Initiative

SeaWorld’s Orca displays have no intrinsic educational value and therefore should be shutdown.

Main Article: SeaWorld Orcas Are Not Educational

Petitions For A Call To Action:

Help Imprisoned SeaWorld Animals

Speak Out To Protect Orcas

Release Enslaved Orcas

Stop Using Orcas For Entertainment

Save Marine Life From Aqua Parks

Tell SeaWorld To Release Lolita

Move SeaWorld Orcas To Sanctuaries

Save Dolphin Species From Captivity

Help Relocate Orca Presently Called Lolita From SeaWorld

Support Orca Freedom

Free Orca Called Tilikum To Sanctuary

Save South Resident Orcas From Extinction

Public Demands The Cessation Of Orca Displays At SeaWorld

Stop Keystone and Tar Sands Production

On October 7, 2011, President Obama was to render his decision about the Keystone Pipeline expansions, which he failed to provide. However, the reason behind the delay may prove more sobering than hopeful.

Main Article: Keystone Bias Is Harmful To Animals

Petitions For A Call To Action:

Stop Keystone Expansion

Stop Tar Sands

Tell Obama To Reject Keystone Expansion

Tell Obama To Reject Tar Sands Proposal

Block Keystone Construction

Stop Canada From Further Damaging Planet

Stop Advertising that Tar Sand Oil is Green

Shutdown Canada’s Tar Sands

Save Animals Say NO To Tar Sands

Protect Our Land By Stopping Tar Sands

Save Wildlife Stop Keystone Pipeline

Stop, Think, and Reject Tar Sands

Use Alternate Clean Energy Sources. Stop Tar Sands

Put an End to Dirty Fuel

Reject Tar Sands as an Effective Alternative to Green Energy

Save America’s Heartland and Reject Keystone Expansion

Tell White House Tar Sands are NOT Clean Energy

Tell Oprah to Stop Promoting Dirty Fuel Source

Stop Polluting With Dirty Fuel

Protect Animals by Stopping Pipeline Expansion

Stand Up For Clean Energy

Support Clean Air and Water

End Tax Cuts For Big Oil

Support Clean Cars

Support Clean Water Act

Do Not Allow Big Oil To Buy The World

Increase Existing Pipeline Safety

Support Fighting Oil Addiction

Stop Big Oil From Having Domination Over Our Futures and Getting to Paying Less in Taxes

Show You Are Serious About Fuel Reform – Take The 2% Pledge

Further Reading

Keystone Pipeline and Animal Viability

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Stop Private Ownership of Big Cats Initiative

The United States needs to address gaps in the Endangered Species and Lacey Acts to effectively preserve the integrity of endangered species and put a stop to the unethical, potentially dangerous practice of crossbreeding.

Main Article: Crossbreeding Big Cat Species

Petitions For A Call To Action:
Cease Private Ownership of Exotic Big Cats

Ban Big Cats as Pets

Protect Endangered Species Ban Private Ownership

Help Make Endangered Species Act Stronger By Banning Private Ownership of Exotic Big Cats

Content copyright © 2011 by Deb Duxbury. All rights reserved.
This content was written by Deb Duxbury. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission. Contact Deb Duxbury for details.

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Truck Stop Tiger Initiative

Louisiana retracts their decision to quash a permit that allows a tiger to be caged at a truck stop. The Animal Legal Defense Fund organization goes back to the batting plate for the tiger while the permit holder says he will do whatever it takes to break their efforts.

Main Article: Truck Stop Tiger And The Law

Petitions For A Call To Action:

Support ALDF

Speak Up For Truck Stop Tiger

Free Tony The Tiger From Indentured Servitude

Tell US Wildlife Department To Protect Generic Tigers

Tell the U.S. government to take measures to protect generic tigers in existence like “Tony” and make it illegal to inbreed tigers. Keep your comment short and to the point. Something to this effect:

Humans are interfering with the existence of the endangered tiger species and so long as this inbreeding loophole remains open people will continue to exploit the animal usurping the intent of the Endangered Species Act.

It is unreasonable to expect wildlife rescue organizations to be responsible for all of the abusive fallout, while having to keep pace with deliberately aggressive and irresponsible breeding practices without the support of their government.

If this issue remains unaddressed the United States is facing dilemmas similarly found within the domesticated animal shelters, only on a much larger and far more dangerous scale.


Your Name
A Concerned Citizen

Content copyright © 2011 by Deb Duxbury. All rights reserved.
This content was written by Deb Duxbury. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission. Contact Deb Duxbury for details.

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