Stop GMO Foods From Killing Bees Initiative

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Monsanto Linked to Bee Plight
Research has shown that bee Colony Collapse Disorder is associated with Monsanto’s neonicotinoid insecticides, as well as, exposure to the firm’s genetically modified corn crops.

Monsanto Loses Agricultural Monopoly Stronghold
Global communities fight back to remove the agricultural monopoly Monsanto attempts to hold over farmers and plant diversity.

GMO Labeling is Simply Common Sense

Take Action

Label GMO Products

Tell Netherlands to Reject GMO Foods

Tell Canada No to GMO

Tell Kroger Groceries You Want Truth in GMO Labeling

Tell FDA to Legally Require Monsanto to Label GMO’s

Ban GMO’s in Louisiana

Tell Monsanto to Stop Poisoning the World

Stop United States From GMO Poisoning

Support the Right to Know What’s in Food

No More GMO in Walmart

Stand Against Monsanto

Tell UK to Keep GMO’s Off The Shelves

Shutdown Monsanto

Sue Monsanto

Down With Monsanto

Stop Purchasing Monsanto Stock

Thank Organic Farmers for Standing Against Monsanto

FDA Label Foods Already

EPA Protect Bees From GMO’s

Stop Monsanto From Systematically Killing Honeybees

Protect Agriculture and Save the Bees

USDA Needs to Protect Bees From Monsanto’s GMO’s

Demand Global Regulation on GMO’s to Protect Bees

EPA Stop Monsanto From Killing Bees

Ban Pesticides Killing Bees

Canada Protect Bees

Thank Poland for Protecting Bees

USDA Bees are Vital to Healthy Agriculture

Tell United States Bees are Necessary for Healthy Living

Pledge to Live a Bee Friendly Lifestyle

One response to “Stop GMO Foods From Killing Bees Initiative

  1. Thank you Deb for getting this very important topic out there, people need to help spead the word and dont stop, GMO’s our dangerous to our health and wild life. Thank you all for caring.

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